About C-Card

About C-Card

Condoms can help to reduce infection risks and prevent unplanned pregnancy.

C Card is a free condom issuing scheme for anyone aged 13 to 24, no matter whether you’re having sex, thinking about having sex, or just curious about condoms.

A C-Card is a card similar to a membership card that allows you to get free condoms from participating venues such as pharmacies, youth clubs, sexual health clinics and schools.

Once you have your C Card you will be able to collect free condoms for your own use from any of the participating venues. You will be able to use your C Card a maximum of 10 times. After this, you will need to renew your card.

How to get a C-Card

How to get a C-Card

The C-Card is available to young people under 25 in Devon and Torbay. You can get a C Card from a range of venues such as youth clubs or sexual health clinics. Depending on the venue, you may need to arrange an appointment to get registered to the scheme.

When registering, a trained worker will have a confidential chat with you. If you’re under 16 they will need to ask you a few more questions to make sure you’re safe and that they’re giving you the right advice and information. You will then receive your new C Card and a ‘starter pack’ selection of free condoms.


  • Even when using condoms you should consider regular screening for sexually transmitted infections every time you start a new relationship or every 12 months if you’re in a relationship.
  • If there is ever any type of condom failure or you’re worried that something went wrong during sex, you should seek advice about emergency contraception.
Where to use your C-Card

Where to use your C-Card

A list of available registration and collection sites is available here.

You must be under the age of 25 to access this service.

If  you are having difficulty finding your nearest C-Card site then you can phone or email the C-Card team – ndht.ccard@nhs.net  tel: 01392 284965

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